In the spring of 1976, the Alcona Minor Soccer League was conceived because there were no minor sports programs being offered in the Alcona area during the summer season. The purpose was to provide a healthy, skill building, community enhancing, "fun" outlet for these children requiring minimum expense and inconvenience for the parents. Therefore, the club began as a house league with four younger teams (ages 5-8) and four older teams (aged 9 - 12) that all played on the same night (Thursday) at the same location (Goodfellow School). The cost was kept to two dollars per family, regardless of the number of children.

Each team was provided with sweaters and one or two practice balls. Leather game balls were kept by referees for games. As well, every child in the league received a crest at the end of the season. The championship teams in each division received individual trophies for every member, the runners-up received individual pins, and the consolation winners received soccer medallions. Response was good and it continued with the same general format, with some minor alterations for the next four years. In 1980, health regulations closed one field at Goodfellow so play was split into two separate locations, Goodfellow, and Innisfil Park, still on Thursdays, still with eight teams set up the same way.

Each team had one practice at the coach's discretion and one game per week. The four younger teams played at 6:30 p.m. and the four older teams at 7:30 p.m. so children were home before dark since many of them walked or cycled to the games. In 1976 we started with about one hundred children, built to almost two hundred by 1979 but fell back somewhat in 1980 with the introduction of minor baseball to the area. The fees rose to 5 dollars per family in 1980 with sponsorship supplying the remainder of the needed funds. In 1981, the age categories were expanded and representative teams were sent to other soccer centres.

In 2001 the name of the club became Innisfil Soccer Club and in 2002 the Stampeders was chosen as the name to represent the club. From its inception with 8 teams, soccer has now grown to become the most popular summer sport in Innisfil. We now have over 1000 kids playing on over 60 teams and you can be sure that as the town of Innisfil grows the Innisfil Soccer Club will keep expanding as well to meet the needs of future players


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